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Go 编程语言发布 Go 1 RC1 版本

2012-3-14 16:08| 发布者: 红黑魂| 查看: 1039| 评论: 0|来自: 开源中国

摘要: Go 编程语言刚发布了 Go 1 RC1 发布,下载地址:http://code.google.com/p/go/downloads/list?sort=summary改进记录:* archive/zip: verify CRC32s in non-streamed files,write data descriptor signature for OS ...

Go 编程语言刚发布了 Go 1 RC1 发布,下载地址:


* archive/zip: verify CRC32s in non-streamed files,
        write data descriptor signature for OS X; fix bugs reading it.
* build: build correct cmd/dist matching GOHOSTARCH (thanks Shenghou Ma),
        re-enable some broken tests in run.bash (thanks Shenghou Ma),
        remove some references to Make.inc etc.
        use run.go for running tests.
* builder: use short test for subrepos (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* cgo, runtime: diagnose callback on non-Go thread.
* cmd/api: set compiler for all build contexts,
        work on Windows again, and make gccgo files work a bit more.
* cmd/cgo: document CGO_LDFLAGS and CGO_CFLAGS,
        silence const warnings.
* cmd/dist, cmd/go: move CGO_ENABLED from 'go tool dist env' to 'go
env' (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* cmd/dist: fix build for Linux/ARM (thanks Shenghou Ma),
        use correct hg tag for go version (thanks Alex Brainman).
* cmd/fix: add rules for net/http -> net/http/httputil renames.
* cmd/gc: allow ~ in import paths,
        delete old map delete in walk,
        do not confuse unexported methods of same name,
        if $GOROOT_FINAL is set, rewrite file names in object files,
        implement len(array) / cap(array) rule,
        import path cannot start with slash on Windows (thanks Shenghou Ma),
        must not inline panic, recover,
        show duplicate key in error,
        unnamed struct types can have methods.
* cmd/go: add -compiler,
        add env command, use to fix misc/cgo/testso,
        allow go get with arbitrary URLs,
        allow ssh tunnelled bzr, git and svn (thanks Ingo Oeser),
        always provide .exe suffix on windows (thanks Shenghou Ma),
        document import path meta tag discovery in go help remote,
        honor buildflags in run, test (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
        local import fixes,
        make go get new.code/... work,
        rebuild external test package dependencies,
        respect $GOBIN always,
        support -compiler for go list, fix isStale for gccgo (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* cmd/godoc: add support for serving templates.
        fix codewalk handler (thanks Francisco Souza).
        remove extra / in paths (thanks Ugorji Nwoke),
        support $GOPATH, simplify file system code,
        switch on +1 buttons.
* cmd/gofmt: fix race in long test (thanks Mikio Hara).
* codereview: fix for Mercurial 2.1.
* crypto/x509: allow server gated crypto in windows systemVerify
(thanks Mikkel Krautz),
        do not forget to free cert context (thanks Alex Brainman),
        don't include empty additional primes in PKCS#1 private key,
        enforce path length constraint,
        new home for root fetchers; build chains using Windows API (thanks
Mikkel Krautz).
* csv: clarify what a negative FieldsPerRecord means.
* database/sql: add docs about connection state, pooling,
        ensure Stmts are correctly closed (thanks Gwenael Treguier),
        fix double connection free on Stmt.Query error,
        fix typo bug resulting in double-Prepare.
* database/sql: add ErrBadConn.
* doc/go1: template packages have changed since r60.
* doc/go_mem: init-created goroutine behavior changes for Go 1 (thanks
Shenghou Ma).
* doc/gopher: flip frontpage gopher's eyes.
* doc: add "About the go command" article,
        add C? Go? Cgo! article (thanks Francisco Souza),
        add Go's declaration syntax article (thanks Francisco Souza),
        add more gophers,
        add note about import . to Go 1 compatibility notes,
        several doc fixes and improvements,
        update Effective Go init section,
        update progs/run (thanks Shenghou Ma),
        update reference gopher,
        web site tweaks.
* encoding/asn1: handle UTCTime before the year 2000.
* encoding/binary: improve package comment (thanks Stefan Nilsson).
* encoding/gob: fix memory corruption.
* encoding/json: document that nil slice encodes as `null`.
* exp/wingui: moved to code.google.com/p/gowingui.
* expvar: add locking to String, and use RWMutex properly throughout,
        add missing locking in String methods.
* fmt, log: stop using unicode.
* fmt: minor tweak of package doc to show headings in godoc (thanks
Volker Dobler).
* go/build, cmd/go: add support for .syso files.
* go/build: add NoGoError,
        add dependency test,
        do not parse .syso files (thanks Alex Brainman).
* go/parser: avoid endless loop in case of internal error,
        better error synchronization.
* go/printer, gofmt: nicer formatting of multi-line returns.
* go/printer: example for Fprint.
* go/scanner: better panic diagnostic.
* go spec: no known implementation differences anymore,
        fix inaccuracy in type identity definition.
* io: better document WriterAt.
* misc/dashboard: remove obsolete package builder code.
* misc/dist: add source archive support,
        add windows installer and zip support,
        minimum target requirement is 10.6 for Darwin (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* misc/emacs: fix extra indentation after comments that end with a period.
* misc/xcode: example install of language spec for Xcode 4.x (thanks
Emil Hessman).
* net, net/rpc, reflect, time: document concurrency guarantees.
* net/http: fix crash with Transport.

        return appropriate errors from ReadRequest.
* net: add skip message to test (thanks Mikio Hara),
        disable use of external listen along with other external network uses,
        do not use reflect for DNS messages (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
        document ReadMsgUnix, WriteMsgUnix,
        fix TestDialTimeout on windows builder,
        improve server and file tests (thanks Mikio Hara),
        make Dial and Listen behavior consistent across over platforms
(thanks Mikio Hara),
        remove dependence on bytes, fmt, strconv,
        silence another epoll print,
        use IANA reserved port to test dial timeout (thanks Mikio Hara).
* os: document FileInfo.Size as system-dependent for irregular files,
        fix SameFile to work for directories on windows (thanks Alex Brainman).
* path/filepath/path_test.go: repair and enable TestAbs.
* path/filepath: disable AbsTest on windows,
        retrieve real file name in windows EvalSymlinks (thanks Alex Brainman).
* runtime/pprof: disable test on Leopard 64-bit.
* runtime: add Compiler,
        fix windows/amd64 exception handler (thanks Alex Brainman),
        inline calls to notok,
        move runtime.write back to C,
        print error on receipt of signal on non-Go thread,
        remove unused runtime·signame and runtime·newError,
        try extending arena size in 32-bit allocator (thanks Rémy Oudompheng),
        wait for main goroutine before setting GOMAXPROCS (thanks Rémy Oudompheng).
* strconv: add table-based isPrint, remove dependence on bytes,
unicode, and strings.
* sync/atomic: disable store and load test on a single processor
machine (thanks Mikio Hara).
* syscall: fix mkall.sh, mksyscall_linux.pl, and regen for Linux/ARM
(thanks Shenghou Ma).
* test/run: use all available cores on ARM system (thanks Shenghou Ma).
* test: actually run them on windows (thanks Alex Brainman),
        add inherited interface test to ddd.go,
        enable method expression tests in ddd.go,
        invoke go command in run.go,
        match gccgo error messages for bug388.go,
        skip . files in directory.
* testing: do not print 'no tests' when there are examples.
* time: during short test, do not bother tickers take longer than
expected (thanks Shenghou Ma),
        mention receiver in Unix, UnixNano docs.
* unicode/utf16: remove dependence on package unicode.
* unicode/utf8: remove dependence on unicode.
* windows: make background of gopher icon transparent (thanks Volker Dobler).








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